Zombie Guard Dog

I love the Walking Dead. It’s one of my favorite shows.

It’s got great characters and shows their strength and perseverance against incredible odds. Plus it’s scary. And Daryl Dixon is a total babe. Which is nice.

However, I am not a night owl and have never been able to stay up late enough to watch it live. (You get up at 5am every day and we’ll see how late you make it. Lol)

So…due to the wonderful magic that is DVR, Monday mornings after the hubs leaves for work, Gus & I watch it.

I pour a cup of coffee, sit on the couch, and my little furry protector hops up beside me ready to save me, lest the show suddenly become 3D and a walker enter our living room. Or else, he just really likes the snuggle time. Either way works.

But this morning…he broke the rules.

He is not allowed on the couch alone. Primarily because if he naps on it he drools and it’s a pain to clean. So when we aren’t around we keep the couch covered with plastic container lids. It’s a little ghetto, but it does the trick.

So today, I took the lid off, went to grab my coffee and don’t you know the little bugger hopped up there while my back was turned.

Sure – maybe he knew what was coming and was just getting comfortable in advance. But…since it’s against the rules and he wouldn’t move over to let me join him, I had to make him get down.

And was forced to watch a particularly scary episode unprotected.

Fortunately no one broke the imaginary barrier and entered our house.

But I think next week I will wait until after I have my coffee before uncovering the couch.

Just to be safe.


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