A Gus by any other name

My crazy little four-legged child was not supposed to be named Gus.

Back before we had even settled on a breed or bought our house so we could get a dog, we had a name.

Just like a lot of couples pick out names for their children before they even think about having them, we had a name for our fur-kid.

It was based on an inside joke… There is a song by Pete Townshend called “Let My Love Open the Door”. We always sang the lyrics as “Let Milo Open the Door” and thought Milo was just the cutest name for a dog.

All was well and good, until my brother stole the name.

Now, in his defense, he did not know we had picked it already. And, in addition, he had good reason for using it. His first boxer was named Otis. So, he picked Milo for his second – after the movie about the cat and dog… “Milo & Otis”

And so the day came that we went to pick out our puppy. We had the choice between him and his brother and drove up to an apple farm on top of a small mountain in a little town in New Hampshire to make our choice.

They were both adorable, but when the second puppy crawled up and nestled himself in the crook of my neck and fell asleep… I knew he was the one. And that he needed the perfect name.

So we had the dog…and four weeks to come up with that perfect name before we picked him up and took him home.

In the car on the way home we started tossing around names. (Still slightly miffed about having lost Milo. Sorry bro!) We considered New Hampshire related names (moose, bear, etc.) and Boston related names (Brady, Fenway, Tedy, etc). Even just random names (Harley, Chuck, Joe, Dave…) but nothing was setting well. Although the hubs REALLY liked Harley, I just wasn’t sold on it.

And then Gus popped into my head. And we said it a few times and practiced calling the dog “Gus. Gussy, Gus Gus”. That was it. The name. Our Gus.

Of course now, he is the dog of 1,000 names. We have to wonder why we put so much effort into naming someone who now hears “Bubberts” or “Mr. Fuzzy Pants” much more than his own name.

According to the AKC he’s known as “Heck’s Caesar Augustus” (our little emperor) and according to us his full name is “Augustus Jehoshaphat Puppydog”.

But, he is a Gus to the core. And it is the perfect name.

(And truth be told…we like it better than Milo.)



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