Quality vs Quantity

This year my marathon training seems to be proving the theory of quality miles versus quantity of miles.

I realized this morning that I am feeling really ready for Boston. Even more so than past years. And I don’t think it’s just because it’s my third time around. I think it’s because my training contains a lot less miles.

Last year I was running 5 days a week and logging 35-50 miles a week. I was tired, ate more cupcakes than I should have (but I was running 8 miles on a Wednesday so that meant cupcakes were allowed, right?) and 2 weeks after Boston I broke my hip.

This year (because of said hip) I’m only allowed to run 3 days a week. And my peak weeks are only 35 miles. And I’m feeling really good.

I think, because I only get three runs a week, that I’ve learned to make them count.

Sunday is my long run. It’s my build endurance / marathon test run run. And my last 20 miler was fantastic. I practiced my race day nutrition plan, I ran easy and aced the late run hills.

Wednesday is my 10k / speedwork day. Most of my runs are “progressive” – teaching me to run negative splits and push it at the end.

Friday varies – depending on the week. It has been hills, it has been tempo, it has been 400 repeats and it has been easy/fun. It’s my “play day”. And it’s awesome.

I spend my non-run days either resting or crosstraining (weights, walk, bike).

And as a result – no doldrums, no crankies, no “is this training over yet”. And a lot less cupcakes.

It’s just been good.

So…is it April 21st yet? 🙂

I want a cupcake.


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