Its the final countdown

One week to go….

The marathon is late this year.

In 2012 it was on April 16th, and in 2013 it was on April 15th.  So it might have been today…. which, being a palindrome (41414) is kinda cool.

However, as its going to be 71 degrees and windy in Boston today – that would not have been cool.

But, I’m glad its next week.  Having it the day before ‘the anniversary’ might have been too much for some people.

This week is still a healing week for anyone who was there last year.  Tomorrow will be a big day in the city, with ceremonies and events.  A final chance to put the horror of 2013 to rest and start this year fresh.   Tomorrow I’ll be meeting a dear friend and marathon teammate and we’ll go over to the finish line (which she crossed and I didn’t) to give it a look together before we BOTH cross it next Monday.  We’ll be stopping by the Old South Church – the “church of the finish line” to see if we can get our scarves.  Scarves lovingly hand knitted by people all over the world to wrap this year’s runners in love.  (okay – for some reason these scarves are an emotional thing for me…I’m getting choked up even writing it.  So I’m sure I will be bawling when I get mine).

But this is all off-tangent.  I want to tell you about my whole week…

Its taper, which means I’m running the smallest amount of miles I have since the week after I crossed the Disney marathon finish line.  It means that I’ll be hungry and cranky and antsy and eager…just like I am the week before every marathon.

This week means I’ll be breaking out my orange 2012 marathon jacket and wearing it proudly all week before I wear its new baby sister next week – the 2014 marathon jacket.

It means I’ll be wearing as much yellow and blue as I can, and smiling at other folks doing the same.  Because this week – we are brothers & sisters in arms.  All going through the same thing.

Friday, I’ll do my final prerace run.  I’ll start carbloading. And I’ll go to the race expo.  A place full of runners and family – a place to soak up the excitement and try not to spend too much on overpriced t-shirts that are just so awesome you want them all.  Like the one that says “run your Mass off’.  (yes, I bought it.  LOL)  I’ll wander Boylston street and watch them put up the bleachers and finish line area.  I’ll give it all one more look and a promise to see it on Monday.

Saturday, I’ll meet up with friends and teammates.  I’ll go watch the Red Sox game (we better win!) with them and share the nerves and excitement.  Reminisce about last year and know that this year we are all making it across the finish line.  Plan when and were to meet each other Monday morning in Hopkinton.  Drink too much beer and laugh a little too loud.

Sunday, which I keep forgetting is Easter, will be a day to rest, continue the carbloading (peeps are carbs right??) and get everything set out and of course, play the ‘what if’ game.

You know – that game of “what if I’d run more hills, what if I’d done more speedwork, what if I’d run that last run faster, or slower, or in pigtails”  Would any of that have made a difference?  And of course, none of it would have.  The work is done and the race will be what it is.

But yes, this is a week of trying not to second guess myself, and of being confident that next Monday will be….EPIC.

Its the final countdown… 7 days

not that I’m counting.  🙂


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