Runaholics Anonymous?

Hi. My name is Kelly. It’s been two weeks since my last long run.


Seriously tho. Running does often seem like an addiction. And I haven’t gotten a good fix lately.

Everyone talks about the marathon taper. You know it’s two weeks where you drop your mileage, crave more food and get antsy and cranky.

No one talks about the marathon recovery. Those two weeks AFTER where you are not running yet (or at least not running long) and starving and cranky.

I thought I was doing ok. I took one full week of not running. Got in a couple shorter runs last week. And then on Saturday paced a friend and sometimes running buddy to her new 5k PR (she did SO awesome and I am VERY proud of her).

But it clearly it is no substitute for the long run.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I would have loved to go out for 8-10 miles. But I’m still not allowed to run two days in a row.

So instead I went to the local zoo. Petted and fed goats and alpacas. Saw the prettiest little Amun leopard. And heard a lion growl and roar. It was a really fun day.

And yet, sitting on the couch last night I was antsy and grumpy.

My husband asked what was wrong and I just didn’t know. In fact it didn’t even hit me until this morning.

So I went out and ran hard for 4 miles. I laughed when my garmin told me I kicked at a 5:30/mile pace. And it felt great.

But I know I won’t be completely over this until next weekend when I get to spend a couple hours alone on the open road.

Hi. My name is Kelly. And I’m a long-run aholic.


2 thoughts on “Runaholics Anonymous?

  1. I’ve gone for two 3s and two 4.5 mile runs. I am doing a half at the end of the month so am going to run 10 this weekend and soooo looking forward to it on Sunday. Great post and you’ll get there soon enough 😀

  2. Nice job Dominic! And that’s great you’ve got a half booked. I’m doing one in early June – so i definitely need to get back out there. Looking forward to 8-10 this coming Sunday!

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