Spanx for nothing

I have often joked that running is nature’s spanx. It firms and tightens places just as well.

But sometimes, a girl just needs a little extra help. Some office appropriate compression gear.

Like on a day where that dress is just a little snug and the material is less than forgiving. A day that normally a good pair of pantyhose does the trick – except its 96% humidity and my knees are already sweating without covering them in something snug and synthetic.

So today, I broke out the spanx. For the first time. And quite possibly the last.

They were purchased in the fall to wear under a fancy dress that hasn’t fit as well as it did before I got injured and padded my curves a bit. After spending 10 minutes cramming myself into them and sweating like I’d run 5 miles I pulled them back off and went with nude stockings.

And so they have sat…in the tights basket in my closet…waiting for their day in the sun.

As I write this…I have successfully managed 10 hours in them. I really thought I’d have given up at lunch.

I am having a serious petite girl problem… there is about an extra 6 inches of material above the waist and nowhere for it to go. And it keeps trying to go somewhere. LOL And the leg part is just long enough that its double folded..

Yes, I am having a battle of wills with an inanimate object.

But hey – this girl has the mental capacity to run marathons, clearly she won’t be bested by a piece of clothing, right? I’ve worn my crx tights on 18 mile runs and dealt with those just fine. Probably because I wasn’t sitting in them. When you sit down in something like this – it certainly keeps you from having that extra treat. Or breath. Ha!

I am looking forward to the end of the day when I can pry them off and shove them in the back of the closet. Where they will sit until such time as I forget how horrible they are and try them again. Like maybe never?


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