I play the road

I woke up with a song stuck in my head. And it stayed with me through my five miler today. At mile 3 it caused an a-ha moment. Thank you Zac Brown!

I play the road. And the highway is my song.

I was never a team sport girl. Serious lack of hand eye coordination kept me off the high school sports fields. I couldn’t hit, throw or kick a ball very far. I also don’t want to be responsible for a team losing because I’m the weak link.

I’m self-competitive. I like to win, and by that I mean beating old times and old distances. Pushing myself to improve, for me.

I spend hours a week practicing my sport. Time alone out on my field of choice, the streets of Massachusetts.

The road is my gym, my teacher, my friend. It is always there for me. It expects nothing in return. It is what I make of it.

I am an athlete. I am a runner. I play the road.


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