Fall racing schedule / week in review

I’ve decided one way to make sure I blog regularly is to start doing weekly recaps of my training.

It should help me to see what I’m doing right and wrong as fall racing season approaches. And I’ve got a busy fall!!

Thirteen weeks to go to marathon #6 and lots of fun in between!!

My upcoming race schedule is as follows:

August 17 – Narragansett Bay Half Marathon.

This was created by run rhody to replace the void left by the Rock & Roll series who decided the tiny state of Rhode Island didn’t draw enough runners to make it worth while. A shame…but I think this race could turn out to be even more fun!! The medal is major cool. This girl loves lighthouses.

September 6 – Diva Dash

My first obstacle race. When I was recovering last year and saw them do a warrior dash on an episode of extreme weight loss I knew it was something I wanted to do. This may be little girlier than a warrior dash, but it will be a fun event and a chance to spend a day with some awesome female runners.

September 28 – Adirondack Half Marathon

This has become one of my favorite annual events. A chance to see friends, eat some amazing barbecue and run around a hilly scenic lake. Last year I wasn’t far enough into recovery to run it, but I walked it. So this year, I plan to show this course who’s boss and see if I can’t beat (or get close to) my time from 2012.

October 26 – Cape Cod Marathon

For #6, my third this year, I chose the cape. Going to make a weekend getaway out of it so I have some time to enjoy Falmouth post race. It’s going to be scenic. And possibly hilly. I know I have a lot of work to do between now and then, but I’m looking forward to it.

Which segues nicely into my recap for the week.

Training went really well!

Monday’s walk is becoming a run/walk – to eventually transition into a slow run. It’s been almost 15 months now, so I think the hip is finally strong enough to allow running two days in a row – as long as I keep day two slow and short.

Wednesday river run is always a highlight of my week – 8 miles along the Charles. Had some great paces and saw a girl who looked like Shalane. Blond ponytail and green shoes? Could be coincidence, coulda been her. Fun to speculate. 🙂 stats – 10:07 avg pace with mostly sub-10 miles. Humid.

Fun Run Friday has now become Fast Friday. 5 miles with negative splits and my fastest average of the week – 9:27 with a final mile of 8:45.

Sunday Long run – went for 16 yesterday. I’d done 14 two weeks in a row so I wanted to be over that. Figured 16 sounded fun. Mixed up my route a bit. At mile 14 I could have taken the out and gone just 15, but I took that left to go the longer route to make it 16.

Runs are often full of those little choices and I’m glad I made the right one. Despite it being beyond humid and my choice to run slower since I was distance focused, I am happy with the 10:29 average pace I got. Especially since my last two miles were about 10:15.

This was also my test drive for the outfit I have planned for my next half. It’s darn cute – rock & roll tank and a brown sparkle skirt. I debated posting a picture – but you’ll just all have to wait the three weeks (omg 3 weeks) for the race 🙂

The week also included an elliptical workout, 11.5 miles on the gym bike, two half-hour kettlebell workouts, and a 14 mile casual outdoor bike ride with my hubby.

Omg – no wonder I’m so tired! Lol

So happy Monday blog-land, wish me luck for the week and I wish you the same and happy running.



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