Week in review – August 4th

The garmin don’t lie…which is why sometimes it’s best to leave it home. šŸ™‚

This week had some highs and lows…and not just the elevation charts. (See below for Sunday’s)

Let’s see…

The highs? Fast Friday! My garmin awarded me both fastest mile and fastest 5k. Now, granted these are not my historical bests…just for this new watch. But they aren’t too far off and I am extremely happy with them. Mile of 8:24 (which was mile 5 of the 5-mile run) and 5k of 27:15. As a whole I averaged 9:06/mi, which is my fastest Friday in ages too.

Also a high this week was Wednesday’s river run. I ran garmin-free and had just a nice fun easy 8.3 miles. I smiled most of it, just enjoying the sights and sounds and the freedom of movement.

The lows… Sunday’s long run and today’s recovery run/walk. I can tell when my iron is low and my miles are high. My body just drags. The miles become a mental challenge and you have to accept that it’s ok to run slow if it’s what your body needs.

Yesterday I ran 14 miles. The first two were at just under an 11min mile pace. Then a couple at 10:30, a giant hill causing another 11, a few round 10:15 followed by the realization that if I kept going that fast I wouldn’t finish. lol dropped back to the 10:30’s and then pushed it the last two miles for a 10:17 and a 9:53. Yep – went hard that last quarter mile. Love seeing what I’ve got left in the tank at the end of a run and using it all up.

Today I upped to 3/4mi run, 1/4mi walk. 3.5 miles. And for some reason it took exactly as long as running 1/2mi, walking 1/4 mile last week.

So, I followed that with a protein shake and am in my compression socks. Gotta recover from both the outside and inside.

Overall – 31 miles for the week. A good solid total

And 13 days to go to the Narragansett Half Marathon.

Happy Monday – and happy running!!



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