Week in Review – 8/11/14

Ya gotta have faith….

Something I’ve been sort of been lacking for my long runs lately. Something this week actually gave me back.

So let’s recap, and I’ll end with the good stuff. 🙂

Wednesday’s river run was fabulous – same 8.3 miles as last week, and again ran with no garmin. First oh, 4.5 at a nice comfy pace. Then, the jingling coming from the woman in front of me started driving me bonkers, so I surged past her and then just held it there for the rest of the run. Felt awesome. It’s fun to run speedy when you aren’t planning on it.

Fast Friday was also solid. Since I’m technically tapering I didn’t want to push as hard as last week, but still wanted a good fast day. And I nailed it. 5 miles at a 9:15 avg pace. A little faster than halfway between last week and the week before. Yay!

And Sunday… Sunday rocked. A 10.3 mile run I considered a dress rehearsal for my race. (And not just because I ran it in my purple sparkle skirt). See, here’s the problem – and the basis to my faith comment.

My last few Sundays I’ve struggled. I don’t know of it’s because I was doing longer distances. Or because I was giving myself permission to be slow. Or if my nutrition was off. Or, one of a million what ifs. But bottom line is I was averaging a 10:30 pace. There’s nothing wrong with a 10:30 pace…unless you are obsessed with breaking 2:15 at your next half marathon. Which requires being faster.

I’ve been freaking out. I’ve had some serious moments of doubt. I’ve been trying to tell myself it’s ok, that I’m still rebuilding, that it doesn’t matter. And that is a lie because it SO matters to me.

So this Sunday I decided I was going to try to run 10:15 or less. And I went out that first mile to try to be there. And I was. 10:11. And it didn’t feel like I was pushing. So I tried to just sit at that pace. And mile 2 was 9:47. Oops! So I slowed a bit, and kept the stride and wasn’t struggling and then edged a little faster on the second half, but still didn’t push until that last 1/2mile, coming down the hill. Cuz I always kick at the end. Just a little. And I ended up with a 9:55 avg pace. Which is just under a 2:11 half marathon.

And now I have faith. I know I can do it. I just need to do exactly what I did last week. Focus on hydration and nutrition. And believe.

Even this morning’s recovery felt great. 1/4mi walk, 1 mile slow run for 4 miles. Nice and easy.

Overall – 27.6 miles. All of them good. 🙂

Six days to the Narragansett half! Hopefully next weeks report will include a post-injury PR. 😉

Happy Monday – and Happy Running!!


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