Week in review – 8/25/14

Roller coaster week… It had its ups and downs.

It’s my own fault. I should know better than to not take a couple days off after a race. But when you fall into a pattern, a schedule, it’s hard to break it.

So instead, you learn the hard way the difference between a Sunday long run and a Sunday half-marathon. The half is a little bit harder on the body. 🙂

I ran/walked the day after that race and did weights on Tuesday.

I did run easy on Wednesday – but I ran my full 8.3 mile route.

And I did my weights and the gym bike Thursday. So on Friday, I paid for my mistakes.

Of course it was also dark, humid and raining, so it wasn’t ideal conditions. But I hit the wall and hard at mile 3. Total self implosion. But I also learned that while my brain might give up and my legs might hurt, they also never stop moving. I ran five miles. It was undoubtedly slow and it was nowhere near easy. But I found that level that makes me a successful marathoner…that place where you just shut it out and run 🙂

Normally I take Saturdays as a rest/bike day. But, as I wanted to bike with my husband and his schedule got screwed up, I ran Saturday so I could bike with him on Sunday.

12 miles scheduled, and after Friday’s implosion I put no pressure on them. Started out easy, and held at around a 10 mile pace. Which is about my goal marathon pace for October.

The loop I did, from roughly mile 6 to mile 8 is one giant long slow uphill. Now I remember why I never do that loop. Lol

But something happened, and when I hit the nice flat portion after mile 8 my paces dropped. Mile 9 clocked in at a 9:30, as did mile 10. And then magically it dropped further. Mile 11 was a 9:10. I think sometimes when I get tired I push harder. So now, of course I can’t slow down. And I push just a little harder. And when mile 12 clocks in at an 8:47 and I’m cruising downhill I kick with all I’ve got left and the final .1 turns out to be a 7:20 pace.

Happy dance of joy anyone? 🙂 that gave me a 9:44 average pace overall. Which would give me a 2:07:35 half. Wow – two of them in two weeks? I must be doing something right.

And I know that a lot of that “right” is the strength training. Because not only is my running improving, my balance and my biking are too.

Sunday I biked 18.7 miles with Kevin. And for the first time not only stood going up a hill but found that I can now take my right hand off the bike and stay balanced. Cool!!

This morning, since I didn’t run yesterday, instead of run/walking I just ran. 5 miles. First few easy, last two fun, with a great .1 kick to finish it off. Because it’s fun to fly!!

12 days to my next race…the Diva Dash

I’m totally stepping outside my comfort zone with this one. But I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

Happy Monday! And Happy Running!!


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