I’m in the mood for carbs…

Simply because it’s taper!

Lol sorry – that’s been going through my head since yesterday so I needed to write it down and hopefully get it out of there.

Yep – today starts my taper for the Adirondack half-marathon. Half number 16. Sweet 16? I sure hope so!

Let’s see – how did the past week go?

We were back on schedule this week. Had the usual Wednesday 8.3 mile river run. Kinda hit a wall at mile 6. So I stopped, petted a cute fuzzy pup, and then carried on. Finished strong, so it was all good.

Fast Friday went quite well. Hadn’t expected to go super fast as Monday had been a good speed day – but the legs want what they want and I slayed it. 🙂

Sunday was a dress rehearsal run. 10 miles on tap. I started at an easy pace (not too slow, but not fast) and held that for the first 5-6 miles and then progressively sped up. Finished quite strong! 10.35 miles at a 9:43 avg pace – which is what I ran my last half at.

Which makes me a little nervous, actually. Did I work too hard and now will have a lousy race? I don’t feel like I over did it – especially because today’s recovery run/walk was the fastest one I’ve had yet. I just need to trust that I’ve finally got all my ducks in a row. And am just running really well right now.

So, I shall respect the taper. Run like I should this week – a few less miles, but still quality ones. Get plenty of rest. And oh yes…consume carbs!!

Happy Monday!! And happy running. 🙂


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