It’s all about the journey

Often, I get so focused on the goal that I forget to enjoy how I get there.

Whether it’s working towards a race goal or even just completing a long run, I get so concerned with getting it done and checking that box in my excel spreadsheet that I don’t always live in the moment.

Saturday, on my long run, I got a reminder.

Saturday I ran my new favorite long run route. It takes me through some lovely farm country, and at this time of year with the leaves changing and houses dressed up in pumpkins and mums it’s quite scenic. It also takes me past a few cemeteries.

Around mile 8, alongside one of them I noticed a flag flying next to a headstone. It had a bicycle on it and simply stated “It’s all about the journey”. My first thought was wow – that person probably had a fabulous life. And my second thought was – they are so right. I need to enjoy the journey more.

So for the next 8 miles I ran in the moment. I admired the golds and oranges and reds. I watched a couple of jack russells playing in a field. I looked up when a flock of geese flew overhead.

And I reminded myself that I love to run and when the run is over it’s a couple of days before I get to do it again. So why am I not squeezing every moment of happy I can out of it.

Because my next race will be what it is. And that I really should enjoy the training. Every run is a gift and it’s my choice to make it a good one.

I know – a little deep for a weekly recap. Lol

So yep, overall this was a fantastic week. I got in 30.6 miles. I had all strong runs. (Including the 16 mile one that ended up being right at my goal race pace) And I learned a valuable lesson.

20 days until marathon #6. And I’m gonna make the most of each of them.

Happy Monday! And happy running.




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