Let’s talk turkey…

It’s 13 days to marathon #6.

And, after the way this week’s runs have gone…I’m feeling really confident.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done a few of them now, or I have more reasonable expectations, or that I just have more faith in myself and my abilities.

But no matter what (and of course I could wake up tomorrow freaking out) I’m feeling pretty Zen about it.

This week was great. My schedule got mixed up due to travel and other things, so Wednesday was a shorter river run. And Friday was my long run.

Friday was my last LONG run before taper. My plan was 20 and I had plotted out a route that was okay, but I didn’t love it. It was a spectacular fall day and I planned to focus on the scenery and enjoy myself.

Around mile 3 I passed a farm with a pen full of white turkeys. And I couldn’t help myself. I gobbled at them. And they responded. Yep, I talked turkey. Lol

I passed a lot of houses with Halloween decorations up, some amazing foliage spots, crossed a couple streams and conquered some good hills. I apparently also went full silly when i started chanting “who’s afraid of the big bad hill? Not me, not me, not me”. And yeah, I did that a couple of times.

Around mile 7 I decided to change my planned route and distance. I was so enjoying myself I wanted an out and back to see all the pretty again. I knew if I turned around at 8.25 I could get back to the start and add my favorite 4.5 mile loop to the end. Which would give me 21 miles.

The 21 is symbolic for me. It’s the most I’ve ever run without a walk break. Ever.

Marathon 1? Scorcher and the walks started early. #2? First walk at mile 15. #3? Mile 18. #4? Mile 5 (long story and not my fault. Lol). #5? Too hot again – and probably around 14. So really – my best distance came in a 20 mile race this year. When I didn’t walk a step. That meant more to me that my finish time.

So on the way back, I of course talked to the turkeys again. And almost stopped several times for photos. Seriously it was that pretty. And I kept chugging along at my easy pace. Drinking my water and taking my gels.

And I hit back to start and began the last loop feeling great. And knowing that loop so well I knew I was gonna finish strong. When I hit mile 20, and it was my fastest mile of the day I grinned. And when I hit mile 21 I went just that little bit more. Cuz 21.02 looks pretty. Lol and my overall pace? Right at my goal race pace. I so got this.

This morning’s run was awesome too. Went out for a 10k. Planned to just run comfortably hard. And ended up racing myself part way through. And scored a post-injury PR! 56:44 Sweet!! Oh, and at mile 3? Passed a flock of wild turkeys. This time I was going too fast to gobble. 🙂

Happy Monday! And Happy Running!!


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