Welcome to Taper Town

Population? The tired, the antsy, the cranky and the excited.

Motto? Run less, eat more carbs.

And that…is why I hate taper. Because that former overweight sugar-craver in me loves it. Binge watch Sleepy Hollow and eat muffins? A dream and a nightmare. lol

But this time – it’s ok. I’m not the usual taperer.

I’m not worn out from training. I’m not anxious. I’m not cranky. I’m calm, cool and collected. And I know those fewer miles and the careful planned carb infusion to take place later in the week will get me across that finish line smiling.

Part of it is the plan I used this time. Part of it is the strength training. Part of it is that I set a reasonable race finish time. Part of it is I’ve nailed my long runs.

Yesterday was my final long run for Falmouth. 12 miles. An out and back route, and when I hit the 6 mile turnaround I actually thought already? Really? I practiced my race strategy of going out slow, running it mostly easy and then pushing just a little at the end.

Because I never race negative splits. I always go out too fast. But I will not do that on Sunday. Because it works – I ran yesterday with negative splits and finished 15 seconds average faster than my goal pace. Sweet!

So the next six days I will obey the motto of taper. Rest more, hydrate and eat smart. Potatoes and pasta are for before, the
cupcakes are for after I finish!!

Happy Monday! And happy running!


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