One of the most important things you need as a runner, and often in life, is flexibility.

Like say for example when your DVR decides to not record the mid-season finale of the walking dead.

Sure – it’s okay to pitch a minor fit. But then you take a moment and a deep breath and go “so what now”

In this case it will be buying it on iTunes to watch either on the train or the treadmill and instead – using this time to blog. It will all get done, just in a different order.

Such is life as a runner.

You can plan your exact workouts for the week or weeks ahead. But if you chisel them in stone, they become more of an obligation than a joy.

Too many times of telling friends and loved ones “sorry – I can’t. I have to run” instead of other fun events can make you resent your choice to train. And can strain relationships.

Instead, writing your schedule in pencil and knowing what you can skip or move can not only make getting them in less stressful, it will enable that all important balance.

Because running is what you do, not all of who you are. You are also a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a partner-In-crime, etc. And you can’t put those aside. You can shuffle them. But you can’t ignore them.

This past week for me was about flexibility in my running schedule. Between the holiday and guests and other obligations I was off-schedule. Yet I still got in around 30 miles. It involved moving Wednesday’s long run to Tuesday and sneaking in a shorter run Friday before the guests awoke. But by doing so, it kept everyone happy and gave me enough miles to deal with the stress the holiday season and 2 pounds of stuffing bring. 🙂

Sunday again was flexibility in the long run. To run my 14 miles? Or to meet jog club? Both!!

I was up early enough that I could get in 11+ miles on my own (at goal race pace – yay!) followed by a nice easy 3 with the girls to finish it off.

So by being flexible – I got the best of both worlds. 🙂

As its December, and life tries to get in the way, remember…did you use the chisel or the pencil? Because that next race will be what it is. And missing out on all the fun and festivities December brings isn’t worth shaving a fraction of a second off your miles.

Happy Monday. Happy December. And happy running!!


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