A fresh start…

And so 2015 begins.

A clean slate, a fresh start, a chance to accomplish new things.

I have ambitions and goals for the year. Not resolutions. People who make resolutions often fail to complete them.

But goals are different. Goals are obtainable. Goals are something you work towards. They aren’t sudden magical changes to your existence. They are the completion of a plan.

My goals for 2015 include finishing 2 marathons and 5 (maybe 6) half-marathons. My sub-goals are to complete at least one of those marathons in under 4:30 and at least one of those halfs in under 2:02.

My ambitions for 2015 include a 7:30 mile (been a LONG time since I saw one of those), a team duathlon (or triathlon) and maybe….just maybe…an ultra. That one will depend on scheduling and a possible loss of sanity. Lol

To reach these goals will involve dedication, some hard work, some help from my friends.

But I am strong and dedicated. And I can do anything I set my mind to. 🙂

I’ve already made great progress in just the first few days of the year.

I’ve logged both a short and a long run that had negative splits and good paces. And I somehow magically clocked a 7:43 mile.

So I welcome this new year with open arms and ready feet.

Let’s all go accomplish some amazing things!!

Happy Running my friends. 🙂


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