That was fast…

When I set my 2015 goals last week, I never expected to achieve one during the first few days.

But somehow I did.

Maybe I had been selling myself short. Maybe I had been believing that since “The Injury” I was no longer capable of what I used to achieve.

But the moment came last week when I stopped selling myself short and opened myself up to greatness.

Overall I made a choice that there would no longer be runs on the treadmill slower than a 10min mile pace. That speed number would no longer be less than a 6. So on both Monday & Wednesday that’s what I did. I started there and increased over the run. And it was easier than I expected. And I enjoyed the treadmill for the first time in a while. The 8 miles on Wednesday wasn’t the sheer torture of the prior week.

Maybe it’s because at a certain pace the brain connects. It knows that it needs to be part of the experience. It can’t just check out. It needs to focus. Or maybe I just like to go fast. 🙂

But Thursday was the moment the magic happened. Speedwork day.

Most runners know Yasso-800’s. It’s the test of your goal marathon pace for training. When training for a half I do my own version with 400’s (1/4 miles).

My goal pace for my February half is a 2:05. So after a 1 mile warmup I ran each 400 in 2:05 (an 8:20 pace) with a 2:05 recovery walk. 8 times.

Then I had a choice. Fit in a couple more or work on my mile pace goal.

I was feeling pretty good so I went for it. I knew I could do a 1/4mile. Which went by too quickly so I tried for a 1/2 mile. And as it neared I had choice. I could keep going and see if I could hit .6 or .75.

And I knew in that moment if I kept going that I was going to try for that whole mile. And I could fail. But I could also fly. And that warrior girl whispered to me “go for it”. So I did. And grinning and dripping sweat I ran a complete 7:30 mile. Woohoo!

It’s been over 2 years and possibly close to 3 since I did that. And it was such an emotional feeling. I wanted to both cry and jump for joy. I think I did. Lol

But the greatness wasn’t over for the week yet. Because somehow, without meaning to or trying to, I ran a 2:05:15 half marathon on Sunday. Just a long run in the cold on one of my usual loops. And I was so bundled up I couldn’t even get to my watch to check it. So it wasn’t until I’d finished that I discovered the magic.

So yeah. It was an awesome week.

And yeah, I guess I need some newer more challenging goals.

So….I’m now shooting for 2:04 in February. And a 7:00 mile (a PR) by year end. And you know what? I think I got this. 🙂

Happy Monday my friends. And happy running!!


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