Bad mommy…

I am a terrible mother. I lost his favorite toy.

Well, it’s not lost, lost. I know it’s somewhere in a townhouse in Lincoln, NH. I just don’t know exactly where.

And it’s not entirely my fault. I wasn’t the one to pack his suitcase. Tho when I saw his dishes still on the floor I should have done a more careful double check.

But alas, another Gus toy has been claimed by New Hampshire. This time, it was fuzzy cuz.

Fuzzy Cuz is the cutest little toy. It’s a ball with feet, but the mid-section is furred. Santa gave it to him a few years ago. And has been a favorite since.

Now mind you, Gus has a TON of toys. They overfill a basket. And yet, he has definite favorites. And we seem to have a habit of leaving them behind.

Or maybe he’s pulling a Costanza. Ya know, leave an item behind so there is an excuse to go back?

The last one we lost was piggy. Piggy was left somewhere near cannon mountain a couple years ago. No idea how, because we did look everywhere. But we arrived home without it.

As we did this weekend with fuzzy cuz.

And it was such a great weekend – skiing, ice skating, running, fireworks and live music. Until it came to a tragic end. Lol

I can only hope that whatever dog stays in that townhouse next finds it and loves it as much as Gus.

It’s not a total tragedy tho. Because due to the magic of amazon prime, a new fuzzy cuz will be arriving via the evil UPS guy (another story…) on Wednesday. He may not look exactly the same (“assorted” in the description). But hopefully he will be loved just as much. 🙂


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