Snowmageddon ’15

Being a runner in the Northeast in winter is a challenging endeavor.

Especially if you are marathon training. Now granted, I don’t have to start the hard training (super long runs) for a few more weeks. But the way this winter is going…even the shorter long runs have been a challenge.

Last weekend we had snow on Saturday that actually made for a fun trail-ish short run. But after it melted and refroze a couple times during the day, it actually made things worse.

So Sunday’s 12.25 miles were completed…on a 1 mile loop. It was like running on a giant ice, snow and slush covered track. I was good for about 8 miles. And the last 4 I had to lie to myself and bribe myself and put my mind elsewhere. And yet oddly, they were my fastest four miles of the run.

But that was a piece of cake compared to yesterday’s storm. Juno…or as we’re calling it “Snowmageddon 2015”

I got between 25 & 30 inches of the lightest powder imaginable. It’s soft and blows around easily. Making it hard to measure (hence the range) and ideal for skiers and snowshoers. But not so much for running.

Granted – I coulda sucked it up and ran in the blizzard (30mph winds and blowing snow) like a couple people on my street did. But honestly? Tuesdays are rest days for me. And with the plows and all and lack of sidewalks – it didn’t seem a really safe idea.

As I said to my neighbor, I’d rather rest during a blizzard than chance falling and breaking something and not being able to run for a couple months. (See – I DID learn from “the injury” lol)

But here it is Wednesday…my 8-mile day. And instead of being at the gym, I’m on my train blogging. I will go later at lunch and hope for a treadmill and get in a short run, while my mind is already rearranging the rest of the week.

Because I obsess over my goal miles for the week. Will anyone die if I don’t get an 8-miler in? Of course not…so why can’t I just let it go. Because it’s routine? Because I ate too many cookies during the storm? I’m not sure. But I can’t.

But I do know that being a runner in the Northeast in the winter requires flexibility, dedication and a lot of random gear (yaktrax anyone)?

And that if there are still 5-foot snow banks on Sunday? I may end up doing another mind-numbing looped 12 miler. 🙂

Happy Wednesday my friends. And happy running!!


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