Waving the white flag…

Okay winter. I surrender. You win.

I’m waving the white flag – although you likely can’t see it among the feet and feet of snow you’ve dropped.

Seriously – I’m done. I fought you as long as I could, but I’ve reached my breaking point.

Bronchitis plus sub-zero temperatures plus 4 storms in a row? Yep. My training has ground to a halt.

I sorta ran my run days this week – albeit slower and less mileage. And I rested instead of crosstraining. I postponed my Saturday 10 miler as it was -12 degrees. And sunday was a blizzard. And today, it’s -21 windchill.

The one-two-three punch. A TKO.

I did bike yesterday. Because even my 39 degree basement beats a blizzard. And I will likely get in a few elliptical miles today. But…it’s been 49 hours since my last run. I’m in withdrawal. And also awaiting word on if my half marathon next weekend will even happen.

For the few years I’ve been marathoning – this is definitely the worst of them weather wise.

How many days til Spring? I could sure use it about now. I need sun and warmth. I’ve become almost as pale as my front lawn.

So Ms. Winter. You win this round.

And when you finally go away…I will celebrate with a whole lotta outside miles. But for now… I’m gonna go refill my cocoa and daydream of clear pavement, sunny skies and a runners tan. šŸ™‚

Happy Monday my friends – and if you are one of the lucky ones…happy running!



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