Purple is always faster

So late last Monday I found I out that my next race, the Hyannis Half-marathon was cancelled.

I was a combination of disappointed and relieved. Disappointed because I’d trained hard for it, yet relieved because I wasn’t quite over my bronchitis and with the giant snowbanks and slushy roads, it wasn’t going to be the most fun race ever. Lol

So, in lieu of tapering, I hit it hard.

Tuesday I set the treadmill to a 9:40 pace and knocked out five solid miles.

Wednesday, I opted for intervals. I have a goal to finish in 4:29 in my May marathon, plus a goal of a 9:00 average pace for my April half. So I ran 1/2 miles at an 8:58 pace. Yasso’s for the marathon and practice for the half pace. Really – the perfect workout!

Thursday I said goodbye to a friend. The ghosts that I ran my October marathon in. They had reached 441 miles (a nice long life) and were starting to bother my knee. So I gave them a nice little eulogy and buried them at the bottom of the trash. 😦 RIP my pretties.

And Friday I test drove their replacement. A fabulously purple pair of ghosts. What my friend called PR shoes even before I took a step in them. Because, as everyone knows, purple is always faster.

I did a mile warmup and then thought I’d see what these babies could do. I ran intervals of 2min sprint, 3min fast walk at increasing paces of 8:58 to 7:30. And then, really had some fun. If you remember I set my new mile goal for the year to a 7:00 mile. And despite the fact that I had already logged over 5 1/2 miles, it seemed like a good time to work on it. Lol so – .3 miles at 7:00 pace. Not too bad. Let’s see what else we got. We had a 1/2 mile in us!! A new 800 PR of 7:00! And really – if you add it up I ran .8 at 7:00. Just broken up. 🙂

But the PRs didn’t stop there.

Since Hyannis decided that they would allow us to pick up our shirts and medals this week, I knew I needed to earn it.

Saturday morning, once the temps reached above 0, I layered up and headed out.

As my friend told me this week, training is training and racing is racing. And Saturday, I raced.

I started out at what felt like a good clip, but decided to not look at my watch for a while. And made it til mile 6 before I checked my pace. Ummm 8:47? Really? Did my Garmin freeze? Cuz that’s just not possible.

Mile 9, looked again. 8:30? Whoa nelly. No wonder I’m breathing hard. Lol

Mile 12 was the first I actually looked at the overall time. And almost fainted. Cuz it wasn’t possible. Clearly my garmin had frozen. Or else my eyes had. Cuz it wasn’t making sense. But I was breathing hard and about ready to drop so maybe it was true.

And I turned into the homestretch and tried to rein it in a little. And then when it beeped 13 I tried to kick and felt like I was moving through molasses. But stared at the watch til it hit 13.1. And walked it off while muttering “holy crap” about 17 times. Lol

Because I was under 2 hours for only the third time ever. Ever!! In fact, this 1:55:58 is my second fastest half ever.

But that’s not all. My watch awarded me with two additional “medals” a 5k of 26:06 (a mere two seconds slower than my 2011 PR) a 10k of 53:12. A legit all time 10k PR!! (Breaking my prior record from 2011).

So this week I will hit the local running store and claim my medal. And display it proudly because I 100% earned it.

The only bad part? Because it’s not official I can’t use it for corral placement for Disney. Lol

Guess I just need to keep running sprints in those magic purple shoes and kick asphalt in April at my next race. 🙂

Happy Monday my friends. And happy running!!



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