The Tortoise AND the Hare – split personality running

It is definitely a challenge having two simultaneous race goals. That are different paces. 

I need to train fast, but also train endurance, which means slower. 

I have to be both the tortoise AND the hare. 

Normally I would just focus on the marathon goal, but registration for the 2016 Disney marathon opens late April and I want that faster half marathon time for good corral placement. 🙂

Before I attempt a marathon PR three weeks later. 

With this winter what it was and being forced mostly inside I have been speed training. Intervals and sprints and tempos – oh my!

Which is wonderful. My speeds have returned to my old days. I’m feeling faster and stronger.  But – as I realized this weekend, my distance base this winter was a lot smaller than normal. I’d been lucky to be able to log 10-12 miles as long runs. And as a result could run them harder if I wanted to. 

So now that I’m 8 weeks away from that marathon, the real challenge begins. Running SLOW. Lol The distance doesn’t scare me. Just running slow enough to not be dying the final miles does. 

For the next 8 weeks I will alternate weeks of long-long runs with short-long runs of 12 miles. The plan is to run the long-long runs at slower than (or at) marathon pace (10:00/mile) and the short-long runs faster – closer to half-marathon pace (9:00/mile). 

But…my biggest problem, and I know it’s totally mental, is that when I start running slow I’ll forget how to run fast. Silly, right? 

Which is why on yesterday’s long run I warred between my feet (let’s go!!) and my head (slow and steady). For all of the 16.16 miles (Yep – had to, cuz it’s cute).

The roads were much clearer this weekend (yay!) so I was able to weave in and out of side streets I haven’t been on in months. I like this for distance runs because it will keep me slower and it keeps me out of a lot of traffic.  

So I cruised along and at mile three passed a “go slow” traffic sign. Totally cracked me up. I stopped for a photo and kept the image in my mind for the miles that followed. 

I also made the mistake of looking at my watch at the mile splits. And thought several things…Too slow. Too fast. Keep it here. Reign it in. Damn, SLOW DOWN. And “what the hell, it’s the final mile – go for it”. 

Overall – my second half was faster than the first and my average pace was a 9:58. So it was a perfect training run.  Tortoise the first part with a Hare chaser. 🙂

I think I got this. 

Happy Monday – and Happy Running!!


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