Another race, another record

Okay, seriously, I thought we were supposed to get slower as we age? So how is it, that is year, all my old PRs are falling like dominos!

I think, honestly, it all goes back to “the injury”. And what I learned from it. 

Patience, balance and strength. 

Be patient…both in races and in training. It will come. It just takes time. 

Balance…a runner cannot live on miles alone. She needs crosstraining. And stretching. And rest. 

Strength… A strong runner is a fast runner. Running doesn’t come from the legs. It comes from the hips and the core.  And sometimes the arms. 

I practice all of these weekly. And love putting my hard work into action. 

This week – I didn’t just break my 5k record (in place since 2009), I shattered it. By a full minute. 🙂 

And I did it after having already run 10 miles. Lol

This weekend was the second annual Outrunning Rett Virtual 5k. A race I co-founded last year. So I couldn’t not run it. But also needed a long run for my marathon training. So I combined them. 

10 miles easy on my favorite route that finally had enough snow melt so as to have its nice wide shoulders back (yippee!) at what ended up being a 9:40 pace. Sweet. 

Then a brief pause to reset the Garmin and Go Time!

And go I did. Focused, yet thinking of the girls I spent three years running the Boston marathon for. Naming them with my steps… Avery, Charlotte, Sammy, Cristia Isabelle, Lori, Caroline and so many others. I thought of the parents, the families. Those who sacrifice for these girls. And those of us who will run until they can. 

And the steps and miles flew by. And I kept pushing harder. And somehow, when I hit that 3.1 mark, I had achieved something special. 

A 25:05 5k. 

Wow! Like seriously wow. Like impossible wow. 🙂

I guess when you run with purpose (and in purple and sparkles) magic happens. 

Side note…today is my 1-year Blogniversary. Thank you to all of you who have followed me this year. Hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing!!

Happy Monday and Happy Running!


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