Take it outside

So…. I only ran on the treadmill once last week. All my other runs were outdoors.  Yay!

That doesn’t mean the weather was great, just improving. But after the past few months any improvement is a cause for celebration. 

Also, how is it the last day of March? February, with its weekly storms and record snowfall dragged on. Yet March? Blinked and I missed it. 

But that’s okay. I like April. It has easter and my birthday and flowers and birds and butterflies and all that fun stuff. 🙂

And…April is the start of my race season. Just 12 days until my first non-virtual race of the year. Yippee!!

And my calendar keeps filling up. I had planned to race less this year. But friends keep asking and it’s hard to say no to my sole sisters. 

But back to this week. This week was fun. Expect for my speedwork, which is easier on a treadmill, I ran outside. 

And Sunday – because I waited until 3pm to run, was 41 and sunny and felt so nice and warm.  And I flew!! (26:00 5k split anyone?) And it was so much fun. 

Running outside is way better than inside. 

And as it continues to get lighter in the morning and warmer outside I will get to be out there more. 

Sorry to my frenemy the treadmill. It’s been fun…but you see, my friend the pavement is calling. And she’s got a better view. 



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