Fight or float

I’m always fascinated by the words that pop into my head during a run. 

It’s proof that running isn’t just a physical experience but a mental one. And often, it’s our brain that gets us through the tough ones. The legs do what your brain tells them to. The brain is the general and the legs are its soldiers. 

Usually, when I’m at a tough point in a run my word is dig. As in dig deep for it. Sometimes replaced by fight. “You want it, fight for it.”

This week, during my 1/4 mile repeats, I found a new word. 

I was on my last one, #8, and it was getting a little tough and my brain said Fight. And that little voice whispered no…float. 

Float. Light and easy like a feather on the wind. Like a boat on the waves. Don’t make it an obstacle. Make it easy. 

And I cruised through it. 

So yesterday, during my 18 miler, float was my magic word. 

That crazy hill? Float up it like that crumpled leaf is doing.  Struggling because that wind is nasty? Let go and float along like that hawk above you catching thermals. 

Because sometimes the harder we fight, the harder it fights back. But when we float, we become one with it and get through easier. 🙂

My next race is coming up. Just six short days to the Quonset Half. Here’s hoping I float to that finish line and hit my goal. 

But even if I don’t, it’s all good. Because it’s just the beginning of race season. And I’ve got a lot of opportunities coming up to fly. 🙂

Which reminds me. Here’s a sneak peak at what I’ll be wearing this racing season. My amazing friend and sole sister had these made for us. (She’s my pacer and coach and will either be beside me, or cheering me on, at a few of my races) You might recognize the logo. 🙂

Happy Monday. And happy running!



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