Birthday Blog!

A little bonus blog for all of you…

Because – it’s my birthday. And I like to give gifts as well as get them. 

Today, my 43rd, has been stellar so far. 

I started the day with coffee and a 10k. Which I ran in 54:05. Hadn’t really meant to go that fast – just wanted a tempo run. But, as I always get faster as I go, and the first mile was a 9:09 (goal half marathon pace) – it was meant to be. 🙂 and I’m quite happy. 

Then, I went to see Cinderella. 

Go. See. Cinderella. It was great. The costumes, the cgi, the background elements to the story. All fabulous. 

I have a birthday connection to Cinderella. When I was younger my aunt took me to see it on stage in Albany, NY. Afterwards the prince signed my program. And yes – I still have it.  So seeing the new movie on my birthday seemed perfect tribute. 

And then…I get out of the movie, turn my phone on, and get a news alert they found the Boston marathon bomber guilty. I stood for a moment in the lobby. Feeling relieved and grateful. And texted my sole sister. The one who had just crossed the finish line that day and would understand. She wrote back “happy birthday” 

That…is my third favorite gift. Second is my born to fly shirt, which I ran my 10k in. First…is my new bling. Because my honey? He went to Jared. 

Hope you all are having a day as fabulous as mine. 

But I gotta go – I got a date with some fro yo. 🙂


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