Born to Fly

If the shirt fits…wear it. πŸ™‚

So yesterday was my first non-virtual race of the year. The Quonset Point Half-marathon. And it was awesome!!

Perfect weather, nice flat course and great company. 

My BFF/BRF/sole sister Lori was my teammate and pacer for the day. 

We are team “born to fly” or so the shirts say. And honestly – we were asked on the course by a guy we would shortly pass what team we were. Awww! You know your singlet is awesome when you are mistaken for a running club. πŸ™‚ (thanks again to Lorifkr having them made)

But that guy? He was one of many that we passed. Because we truly did fly. 

Even up the only major hill (where we floated). We closed the gap on and flew by runner after runner – even in the final miles.

I had a time goal and Lori was going to make sure I made it. We agreed pace should be negative splits as it takes me a couple miles usually to hit my stride. And I also was going to try to not look at my watch – to run by feel.  At mile 1 she says to me, not to scare you, but if you’re going for negative splits you might wanna slow down. Lol

And I did – just enough. But it felt good. Maybe I was just happy to be out running in a tank and the sun and in a race. But the pace felt just right. And, as usual, my mid miles the pace dropped.  And Lori informed me I’d been sub 9 min miles for three solid. 

And later when I told her I was starting to fade and she countered with “your pace isn’t” I had to laugh. I was clearly fighting against the fade. 

Miles 8-11 were “in the zone”.  Not much talking and pure focus. After 11 I slowed some, on purpose because I knew I could and wanted to finish strong. 

And yet – we still passed a couple people. That’s fun, when you’re tired and yet still running strong. 

At the mile 13 marker we made a final turn, but didn’t see the finish yet (it might have been a little misplaced. Oh well). Lori knows I always kick hard, but I knew I had run hard enough all race that I would only have a little one left in me. 

So when we finally saw it, we surged and completely battled it out through the finish chute. Much to the delight of those watching. One even yelled “that’s how you fight it out” lol and grinning ear to ear we crossed that line… In 2:00:09. Right on target. πŸ™‚

Some things to note…we had matching bib numbers. Totally random and felt like fate. I was 156, she was 56.  Also, crossing the finish at a 5:25 pace will make you feel totally badass. And makes for killer photos. πŸ™‚

And…this is my third fastest official half-marathon. (Yes, my “virtual” in February was faster, but it’s not in the record books). And 7 minutes faster than 2014’s fastest half. 

Not a bad way to start the year. 

And now – it’s 20 days to the next race. Gonna recover for a couple days – then game on for Providence!! πŸ™‚

Happy Monday! And happy running. 



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