Seven days to marathon number seven. 

Lucky 7 right?

It will be. This will be the race I slay the dragon. This will be the race I break the elusive 4:30 barrier. 

I have trained hard. I have trained confidently. I have trained faster than I need to. Because – I really really want this. 

You see, we are nearing the two year anniversary of “the injury”. It actually is the day before the race. 

Sometimes timing is everything. 

Just over two years ago I almost had it. But, due to circumstances beyond my control, the race ended at mile 25.5. And that * never sat well with me. 

So this time I have two goals. One is that elusive 4:29:29 and the other is 4:26:08 – one second faster than the Boston estimated finish. The *. 

Really? I think 4:24 would be fun. Because I like even numbers. 

So I am spending the next 7 days in “taper town”. I’ll get in three more shorter but solid runs. I’ll hydrate. I’ll eat well. I’ll carbload. 

Saturday I will go cheer on my sole sister at her 5k. 

And next Sunday morning I will lace up those magic purple ghosts. And I will fly. 🙂


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