Race, Recover, Repeat

As runners we tend to be either in training for a race or recovering from one. Or both! 

I am usually both. 

I like to keep a busy schedule. So the amount of time I leave myself for recovery is minimal. 

But I try to space things far enough apart that I can take a recovery week and then rebuild from base. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I can’t just keep a high level of mileage. My poor body (celiac – anemic – osteopenia) just can’t handle it.

So, I reset to base level. Which means 10-12 mile long runs and rebuilding from there.  

This week was recovery. I actually (and yes I know it’s hard to believe) did not run until Friday. That’s a whole four days without a run. 

Monday was a nice easy short walk to keep the legs loose. Tuesday gentle biking, Wednesday a 5 mile walk, and Thursday  rest.  So by Friday I was itching to run. My plan, knowing I would take the weekend off, was 6-8 miles.  I ended up doing 8. Because it was a spectacular morning. And while my legs would have preferred the 6, my brain needed the 8. 

And the weekend of full rest did wonders. Because I went out Monday morning and ran 5 miles of negative splits ending in a .05 mile kick at a 6:30 pace. Lol

Recovery is now officially over.  Let the training begin. 

My next “major” race is my Ultra. On July 25th. 

The stepping stones leading up to it are a memorial day weekend 5k with my sole sister Karen. A half marathon June 7th.  The Corporate Challenge mid-June (3.5 miles) and the finish at the 50 10k July 3rd. 

Also between now and then is a family wedding and a vacation. So flexibility of schedule will be required. 

And once again I will again be working towards both speed and distance. A balance. Short and zippy – long and slow. And I mean slow. As in if I am going to do a 31-39 mile race I need to learn to go slow and stay there. 🙂

My sole sister Lori asked me during the Providence marathon what my goal is for my June half. (Because yes even during a race we discuss what’s on the horizon). I replied I have no idea.  It’s just an accountability race. A way to make sure that I don’t slack in the recovery world too long and am honest about rebuilding.  Sub 2:10 will be fine. Sub 2:05 would be fun. But – since I already got my 2:00 to use for Disney seeding, it’s a no pressure race. And those are fun. 🙂 

So…. I’ve raced. I’ve recovered. Time to repeat!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Running!!


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