It’s casual

Let the ultra training begin…slowly. 🙂

I gave my Garmin the week off. At the moment, I’m more concerned with rebuilding mileage than speed. And I wanted to be able to run whatever pace just felt good. 

Wednesday was an 8 mile river run. Felt a lot better than last week’s 8. Plus it was just sooo pretty out and tons of people and dogs on the path that it made for a very fun run. 

Friday I ran the same 5.05 mile loop as Monday. And while I wasn’t really trying, according to my clock I ran it two minutes faster. Cool! Of course, Monday was 65 and humid and Friday was 40. So that might have helped. Lol

Sunday was 12 miles. And for some reason, that made me nervous. Normally 12 is a “short” long run for me. But knowing I still had some post-marathon fatigue and always fearing re-injury, twelve seemed daunting. 

So I told myself “it’s casual”. In other words… Go slow. Stop and smell the lilacs. Watch the goats at the animal sanctuary. Stop when and if you need to. 

And I did. I stopped twice for lilac sniffing (because how can you resist?)

watched a goat chow down on some hay. 

Saw a fisher cat go sprinting across the road.  Stopped by the water to admire the sun shining off it. 

And just ran because it’s fun. 

Of course the temps climbed and I hadn’t brought water and I was feeling every step of mile 12, but I did it. 

And today, because things were a little cranky from it, I did a brisk 3 mile walk instead of a run.  Because I still wanted my outside morning time, but I don’t mess around when the hip speaks to me. 

And I’ve learned, it can be fun to be casual! 

Happy Monday and Happy Running!


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