Heart and Sole

It’s okay, I can be honest with myself. I had a problem. I tried to disguise it as “recovery” but I knew in my heart it was more than that. It was the dreaded “post marathon blues.”

Happens to a lot of marathoners. And yet, I hadn’t encountered it before. So why now?

I think – because I finally slayed the dragon. I broke 4:30. I got my PR. 

So, now what?

And sure – I have races lined right up and my first ultra to look forward to. But, that first week back?  It didn’t matter. 

Because I was slow and tired and achy and thinking “what if I am never that fast again” and it’s a bad place to be. 

But I allowed it. I stayed slow and ran easy and hoped “this too shall pass”. 

And finally it did. On Friday. At about mile 2.5 of my 5 mile loop. Where I opened my stride and ran like the wind and felt ALIVE. 

In that moment. I got my groove back. 🙂

Which was perfect timing. Because Saturday I was pacing my sole sister in a 5k in Plymouth.

And that was the most fun I’d had since my marathon. 🙂

A little chilly, a little windy, a lot hilly and soooo much fun. And…a new PR for my girl Karen. Awesome!!

Sunday I rested. And Monday was some full on ultra training…

Heat, loop and easy pace practice. 

Definitely warmer than I’ve been used to lately, but I stashed an ice cold water bottle in the tree behind my house and ran my fave 4.5 mile loop so I could stop and hydrate.  Did the loop 3 times and then added a 1/2 mile for an even 14 (well actually 14.04 cuz why not. lol)

I kept it easy as long as I could. And then fought with myself to slow down. Because the more tired I am the more I push. And I had no business running a sub-10 mile in that heat at mile 12. 

I kept reminding myself the ultra will be hot. And I have as much time as I need. 12 hours to go 31-39 miles? No problem.  

Plus the law of pace over distance. If my half marathons are a 9min pace and my marathons are a 10min pace then my ultra should be between 10 & 11 right?  So slow and steady is my goal. 

And unlike last week when slow felt like the enemy and made me question myself, I know now that it will be my friend on the weekend for the next two months. 

(Tho friday will be speed days. Because I will need the balance.)

What I also learned this week, or rather relearned is that running isn’t just the body, it’s the brain. It’s heart and sole. 🙂



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