Salvaging the wreckage 

Sometimes your training is just so not what it should be.  And when you have a whole week that falls apart like a cheap bicycle, the best thing you can do is salvage the wreckage, find the highlights, call it done and move on to the next week. 

Part of it was my own fault, part of it was totally the Universe conspiring against me. 

I can come up with quite a few reasons (excuses?) as to what went wrong.  

  • I both stayed up and slept in about 3 hours later than normal (and it was complete worth it)
  • I forgot to take my iron for like 4 days (major oops)
  • I was so off my normal nutrition schedule. Tho I totally hydrated because it was soooo hot on vacation I couldn’t seem to stop drinking ice water. 
  • I raised hell with my nephews and niece dog, resulting in a bruised (not broken, because impossible right?) toe
  • In a moment of either heat exhaustion or sheer clumsiness (definitely the clumsiness) I fell off some cement steps both bruising and scraping my knee and bruising my good hip (glad it was the good one). (Side note – totally earned some tough-girl cred with my nephew for playing off my knee like it was no biggie. Lol)
  • And a couple days ago – came down with the post travel head cold (seriously???)

So bottom line? I went five days without a run. I was okay with missing a few because I knew it was going to be sweltering in Georgia and I could use a few days off anyways. 

But then wednesday my knee was swollen so I needed to ice and rest. 

Thursday I convinced myself it could handle a few miles and that my brain totally needed them so I went out. Knee was great for four miles so I made it go six. The last two? The toe throbbed and the knee was not as happy.  But i iced it and I rested it after. And it played along. 

And friday I attempted my long run. Because we had both guests and Hurricane Bill coming for the weekend and I wanted to get it in. 

The schedule said 18 miles and I knew there was no way that was gonna happen. So I set a time goal of 3 hours.  Due to the magic of sheer willpower and a run/walk strategy I got in 15 miles. Which I am both happy with (it was warm and humid and I was exhausted (no iron = tired runner)) and disappointed in. Because I usually make my scheduled goal. And I had to remind myself I was not 100% but I still gave 100%. 

And Sunday morning I woke up to a sore throat and the feeling that all my energy had been vaccumed out of me. To such a level that even when Bill passed through and it cleared all nice and sunny I could not convince myself to go run.  By Sunday night I couldn’t breathe and had gone full Rudolph from blowing my nose.

Seriously – can anything else happen?? Wait – never mind. I don’t wanna know. 

But this morning, fueled with coffee and hope, and armed with a fistful of tissues I trudged out into the humidity and knocked out 4.5 miles. 

It wasn’t all that pretty but I think it had some good moments. And it’s a step in the right direction. 

And because my cousin is getting married on Saturday, my long run will once again be Friday. 

I am going to spend this week doing everything right (or at least normal) and focusing on what will be a very important long run. 

Because right now I’m 33 days out from my first ultra and if friday goes well I will feel a lot more confident than I did this past Friday. 

It will be proof the salvaging efforts worked. That I’ve righted the ship and  that I’m back on schedule. 

Happy Monday! And happy running!!


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