Sick of being sick…but the run must go on 

Seriously! I’m on day 9 of this head cold and it shows no signs of leaving. 

Which has definitely added a new layer to training. 

This past week I skipped crosstraining and lowered my mileage a little. 

Which is okay because when you already get stuffed up when running and add crazy congestion it makes it way harder to breathe on a run. 

Yes, I actually blew my nose on a leaf this week. Because it was all I had. And I improvise well. Lol

The one thing I did not miss was my important long run… 20 miles. 

Because my cousin got married Saturday (an absolutely perfect and wonderful day!!!) I ran Friday morning. 

It was humid, but only 60’s and overcast. So except for the whole nose-leaf thing, it was quite enjoyable. 

Since I’ve been training in loops – I did 4 loops of my favorite 4.5 miler, followed by 2 loops of my 1 miler. 

I actually do not mind running laps. The scenery actually does change a bit (mostly due to random appearances by woodland critters) and I tend to zone out just enough, or focus on breathing (or lack of) and don’t really count the miles go by. I thought more in loops (2 of 4, 3 of 4) than miles. 

And to help with that – I left the Garmin home. I knew my distances and didn’t care about my paces. Totally happy with that decision. 

I also tested out my nutrition and hydration strategy. I alternated Heed (which will be on the race course) with Tailwind. Never tried it before but absolutely loved it.

My game plan had been to run the 18 and maybe walk or run/walk the final 2 miles. And also to walk when I drank, as I figure I will race day. I also stopped a couple times for some photos. 

Much to my delight and surprise, when I hit mile 18 I still felt really fresh. And so I ran those last 2 miles. 

Needless to say I am now feeling a lot more confident about the ultra. 

Having dealt with not feeling 100% lately and being able to pull out a long run like that?  A total confidence booster. 

Now if I can just shake this cold off, I am going to be a lot happier. 🙂

Cuz I have a little 10k coming up on Friday. And plans to train on the course on Sunday. Exciting. 

Happy Tuesday! And happy running!

(And here’s some of my long run scenery)



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