I don’t sweat, I sparkle 

And this weekend I oozed a TON of liquid sparkle. Lol 🙂 which is fitting, what with July 4th and fireworks and all. 

The weekend started Friday with the Finish at the 50 10k in Foxboro, MA at Gillette Stadium.  With my sole sisters. 🙂 

It was the first time my two favorite runners met, and of course I totally forgot to take a group photo. 😦

For some reason at the pre-race festivities they had a variety of marvel superheroes. It was kind of odd seeing the guardians of the galaxy dance with the avengers and batman. Yet hilarious. I couldn’t resist a picture with Groot & Star Lord. 🙂


Karen ran the 5k, so Lori and her daughter and I went into the stadium to watch her finish. Then Karen watched us three start the 10k. 

I hadn’t run this race in 4 years, and the two times I ran it they held it the morning of the 4th in crazy temps and blazing sun. And I didn’t do all that well either time. 

Considering that I’ve been ultra training (aka slower running),  hadn’t used my garmin in a couple weeks, it was 75 degrees and I don’t normally run at night, I had absolutely no idea how I would do. 

I ran the first two miles with Lori’s daughter (the next generation of superstar runners) and then with her permission, of course, took off and hit a groove. I refused to look at my watch, and was pleasantly surprised when I crossed the 5k mat at about 30 minutes. And started thinking hmmmm….wonder if I can pull out an hour finish. 

Due to the magic of some nice long downhills and some amazing spectators spraying us with hoses I was able to hang in and run strong. And when the last 1/2 mile led to the downhill ramps to the field, I flew (only partially terrified of wiping out on the turns. Lol) and whooped. 

And when we hit the landing and I saw the giant inflatable helmet (the one my Patriots run through at every home game) I paused for a moment (mainly to ensure the guys in front of me got out of my way) and headed through. 

I wasn’t originally gonna kick at the end. I wanted to make sure I looked up and saw myself on the big screen. But when I turned and faced that finish line on the 50-yard line, I ran like I had the ball and sprinted it out.  Boy was that fun!!!! And…I got my sub-hour. 59:32 🙂

Also – the medal was really cool, and when I realized the people on it moved (you can slide them across it. Neato!) it became even cooler. 🙂

Saturday, Kevin & I took the bikes to a path in Rhode Island for some fun miles along the river.  And Saturday night we took the lawn chairs to the Attleboro high school for the fireworks. An amazing show. With a blinding finale. 🙂

Sunday it got serious. And seriously fun! 

Sunday I trained at The Lake. You know – that one in Wakefield I’ll be spending several hours at in just under three weeks. 🙂

I so needed that. I’m less nervous now that I’ve seen the start area and can visualize the tent village and timing mat. And have met the loop. 

It’s a nice loop. It’s pretty flat. And it’s very scenic. And it’s not very shady. 

But my amazingly awesome sole sister (who will be my Sherpa on race day) met me to run. And we ran four loops around. 

It was sunny and it was warm. And that is probably exactly what race day will be like.  Which had me making a mental list of sunscreen and ice (lots of ice) and my cooling towel and hat. 

I ran slow. And stopped for water. And on the last loop stopped at a tree for a minute of shade. And Lori noticed the marker on the ground next to us. 

The amazingly important 50k mark. My minimum distance goal. (Which by the way is a full mile from the finish line. Ha!)  It made me glad I’d chosen that spot to stop. Because now I know where to look for it on race day.   🙂

This morning I realized I am exhausted – can’t imagine why! Just because I ran three days straight (one a race), biked 15ish miles and then ran over 12?

It’s all just ultra training….and buckets of liquid sparkle. 

Happy Monday! And happy running!


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