Tapering Off…

So…its taper time. My least favorite part of running. It’s really purgatory. That period between training and racing. Where you have to take it just easy enough to recover and not sabotage your hard work but not so easy that you lose confidence or ability. 

Quite frankly, it sucks. Well, for me it does anyway. In fact, Friday I posted a Facebook warning to my friends and family…

Although this one is funnier. And more how I’m feeling today. 

You see, it’s my own fault. It’s because I am a rule follower. A stickler for policies and procedures.

And while there are several rules to tapering for a race and they vary according to source, the primary rule is…do no harm. 

And, because I am the mother of all clutzes, and managed to turn my ankle walking Gus, I’m spending the second half this taper not running. (Note to self: tall grass hides holes.)

Which makes a cranky taperer even crankier. 

I know it’s okay. The important thing is that I’m 100% for Saturday. And I do enjoy cross training. And can get in just as good a workout. 

But it meant that Sunday’s 10-mile run became a 20-mile bike ride instead (getting in the 90-minutes). Honestly? It was so much fun. I went on one my favorite long run routes and loved zipping down the hills. And I saw a flock of turkeys and a bunny.  And by the end couldn’t stand up climb him the last hill, so I know it was a great workout. 

This morning would have been a 4-mile run, so instead I did 5 miles on the elliptical. With song interval sprints. And iced my ankle after. 

It’s feeling pretty good right now, so I know I’m doing this right. 

A friend of mine’s favorite quote on taper is “the hay is in the barn”. And that is something I have to trust in this time more than usual. 

Because it’s five days to go…until this 

And I’m just about ready. 🙂 

Please wish me luck and good weather!  And the strength to get through the next five days. 🙂

Happy Monday…and happy running!


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