So…now what?

A friend asked me this week “so, you ran an ultra. Now what?”

Good question!

And it depends…do you want my next race? or my next major race? Lol

The next major one? My September marathon. My next race? The East Bay Half. In…um…two weeks. 

Yeah, I know, seems a little nutso to run a half-marathon three weeks after an ultra. But, it was free!! 

It was gifted to me as a bonus race to the 39.3 series I’m doing this year. Plus my sole sister is running it. So, why not. 

It fits well into my marathon training and is a fun little course with a stadium finish (I ran it last year when it was a different race), so it was hard to resist. 🙂

And other than rebuilding distance after my week “off”, I’m not training for it specifically – so it’s no pressure. Just a fun Sunday morning training run with a couple hundred other people. 

Of course we all know the moment I put on a sparkle skirt and pin on a bib the attitude changes and its game on. So, we’ll see. 

That said…marathon training has begun. Marathon #8 (or I guess techhuncally it’s #9 since the ultra included a marathon) is The Adirondack Marathon in Schroon Lake, NY. September 27th. 

I’ve done the half there three times, so it’s time to tackle the full. And go ALL the way around the lake. (Cuz I seem to like that sort of thing. Lol)

It’s gonna be hard. It’s gonna be hilly. It’s gonna be awesome. 

And I have a lot of work to do. Phase 1 will be regaining speed. Phase 2 will be hill training. 

This weekend Phase 1 began. And it began a lot better than I expected!

Sunday I ran a 10k, with mostly negative splits and a 9:13 average pace. Very pleased with that. 

And then this morning, out for another 4 miles. Of crazy negative splits (like 30 seconds per mile faster), for a 9:12 average pace, a final mile of 8:32 and a 6:32 .4 kick. 🙂 sweet!!!

So I think I have a good baseline for my speed training. And as long as I do a weekly speedwork session I’m gonna be just fine. 

Happy Monday! And happy running!!


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