Rainforest Running

The humidity level this week has been tremendous. I’ve started wondering if New England is becoming New Amazon. 

Running in the 70’s and 80’s is tough enough, but add in humidity in the 90%’s and whoa…not my fastest week. 🙂

But, as I keep reminding myself and my sole sisters…fall is around the corner. And if we can hang in there and work hard now, once the humidity and the temps drop? We will be lightning fast. 

Which is good, because my sisters and I all have big September races. Let’s just hope we get September weather for them. Lol

But back to this week…

Wednesday morning I did the full 8 on the river. And while half of it was a headwind, it was a breeze. And felt good. I was also grateful for the 5 water fountains between the mile 4 turnaround and my gym. 

The highlight of Wednesday tho? Passing a guy uphill on my footbridge. As I neared it he sped up to pass me (he’d been coming up behind me for a 1/4 miles) and get on it first. Kinda ticked me off. So I tucked behind him and on the turn went low and long and flew by him. I was at the bottom before he hit the middle. Lol  I mean I totally paid for it on the final and almost all uphill mile. But it was totally worth it. 😀

Then Friday. Friday was gross. It was 96% humidity and I knew it wouldn’t be pretty. In fact I almost left my watch home. But I wasn’t sure if I would do 4.5 or 5 miles. And it would depend on what time I hit 4.5 so I took the watch. Mile 1 was slow. Mile 2 was faster. And when at 2.25 I sprinted to see how fast the speed radar sign would clock me (9mph. Winner!!) I was hitting a groove. And as I hit mile 3, the skies opened up. Instant torrential downpour. And thunder.  So…I kicked it into gear and went as fast as I had in me. And when I reached mile 4 and knew that each mile had been about 30 seconds faster than the last, I ran harder. And did that last .5 at an 8:24 pace. Completely drenched and splashing through some impressive puddles.  And at the end, was glad i’d worn my watch. 

Saturday’s rest/bike day became a sole sister 6-miler. 

While it was still humid, it was a little cooler and I was itching for a bike ride that I just couldn’t talk Kevin into (sucks to be a biker with a sore knee).  So instead I tagged along on Karen’s training run.  It was exactly 3 weeks til her first 10k. And she was planning at least 5.5 miles. 

We ran slow and I told her stories and made her laugh and kept her distracted. And she did awesome. And at mile 4 she learned a valuable lesson – never do arm day the day before a long run. And we walked a smidge to stretch it out. And got right back to it. And got it done. Her first ever 6 miles!!! So freaking proud of this woman. And so excited that i’ll be right beside her when she crosses that 10k finish line. 

So, Sunday’s long run was a risk. I don’t normally run 3 in a row. But, it’s 5 weeks to Schroon.  So I needed to.  I considered only running 10 miles (instead of 16). But next week is 18 and the jump might be too much. 

I decided to play it by ear, but shoot for the 16. And also decided to play “run ALL the side streets”. Which means I was already at 7 miles before mile 2 of my usual loop. 🙂 

It was a way to have an out if I needed it. And when it was misting at mile 9 and I was a mile from home I stopped to check the weather app. Storms, I head home, no storm I keep going.  And…the results? I kept going. 

I did have to stop to buy water at one point. Because while I’d had my gels, I was getting dehydrated (note to self, martinis for dinner are not always the best pre-long run fuel) and knew I needed it. 

And at mile 12 when my sole sister drove by and waved, it gave me a nice boost to finish strong.  My last 4 miles were my fastest. And I did push some on the final mile. Because it’s good training. And I wanted to be done. 🙂 I was also glad the sprinklers were on at the end of my street. I danced through them, arms raised. 

And while I tried to run easy, and I definitely spent the first half slow, and it was day 3 in a row, and I so didn’t pre-fuel (excuses, excuses), I still got a 10:31 average pace. 

So, while the most disgustingly slimy week I think I’ve ever trained though, it was still a good solid week. 

Gotta say tho, I’ll be happy when this storm system moves through and the humidity drops. I’m ready for some fast dry runs! Let’s get out of the rainforest and back to normal. 

Happy Monday my friends. And happy running!!


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