Sand therapy

Everyone has some place in the world where they feel the most…themselves.

Where everything is awesome. And all is right in the world.

I have a couple…one of which is Hilton Head, SC.

Nothing puts my head on straight quite like a run on that beach.  This weekend, i was fortunate enough to get in a couple of those….as well as multiple walks of varying lengths.

I got in two 4-mile runs and they couldn’t have been more different.  And not just because I headed in different directions for each.

Our usual hotel is mid-island.  So you can go miles in either direction.  And its been three years since our last trip, so i’d forgotten some of my markers.   But heading north, I hit my two mile marker exactly where a small stream requires a turnaround (unless its low tide, or i want to splash in the puddles).  This was also the perfect spot for a run-selfie.  🙂


It was a gorgeous run.  High 70’s and humid…but sunny and scenic.   And really put a smile in my heart.


It wasn’t super fast, but i didn’t care.  I was running in my happy place and THAT was what mattered.

But, once is never enough….so Monday i went out again.

Monday morning was not as nice weather wise.  I watched it rain and the second it stopped (or at least i thought it stopped), I grabbed my sneakers and went out.  And the second I left the hotel, it started pouring.  I mean, great big torrential downpour drops.  I was soaked to the skin in seconds.   But there was no way i was going back in.  I had flown down the coast to run, and run I was going to!

And i was rewarded, with the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen.  Huge and wide and right in front of me…and I spent over a mile, just staring at it and smiling.


Because there’s nothing like following the rainbow to tell you you’re on the right path.

And when i hit the two-mile marker and turned around, I had this gorgeous sunrise greeting me.


As well as tons of little sandpipers.  And pelicans soaring over the water looking for their breakfast.   I also passed a sea turtle nest marked off.  And, somehow, finished considerably faster than the day before.  Even clocking an 8:50 mile four.  I guess when you run with your heart lighter, your feet are faster.

The beach is just so full of wonder.  Its a place to let your stress empty and your soul fill.

Its sand therapy.


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