A hill so big we named it 

This was a banner weekend for my sole sisters! PR’s shattered all around. 

First, a quick shout out to the unstoppable Lori.  The amazing runner and friend who helped me with my marathon PR in May, scored one of her own. A stellar 3:28:58. Which is both a PR and a BQ (Boston Qualifier) by a nice wide margin. Yay, Lori! So proud of and excited for you!! 🙂

Second, I had the great privilege of running beside the equally unstoppable Karen while she hit a goal that was years in the making. Her first 10k. 

A little bit about Karen. Like me, she was never a runner in her younger years. She started running a couple  years ago and trained for a 5k. Then continued to PR them. And this year, was finally ready to tackle her goal – the 10k. 

She trained hard all summer – in heat and humidity. Fitting her runs into a crazy schedule, but through hardwork and dedication, got it done. 

And Saturday morning, on the streets of her hometown. She had her victory parade. 

We wore matching sparkle skirts, because life is better in sequins. And we got TONS of complements on our outfits. We got cheered on by a little girl with pom poms. We thanked volunteers. We sang songs (love that downhill song. Lol) We cruised along having an absolutely awesome time. 

And…we slayed Godzhilla. 

The course description had said a “significant” hill at mile 1. I’ve run a lot of hilly courses. I’ve tackled the Newton hills. But this? 

We had just turned a corner. And looked up. And swore. Because this, was facing us. 


 And I said to Karen “eh, hills are never as bad as they seem from a distance” 

Yeah no…I was wrong. This was a monster. A hill so big we had to name it. 

 But Karen tackled it like a champ. Small light steps. Never walking. Just running slow and steady to the top.   
And after Godzhilla, all those other hills (who would have thought Plymouth was SO hilly) were cake. 

And just after mile four, Karen’s brother-in-law found us. (Think we were easy to spot. Lol) and we stopped for a quick photo op. 

Thank you Eric! For anyone who might not realize, seeing family/friends on course can be SUCH a boost. 🙂

And right before mile 5, Karen started to hit a wall. Right by a field I later learned was jokingly called the field of dreams. An appropriate spot. Because she knocked through that wall no problem and kept chasing her dream. 

And we hit the turn to the water. And we kept cruising along. And went into the downtown area – trying to pick a bar for post race beers. Knowing the whole time exactly how far we were from the finish line at Plymouth Rock. 

And we entered the cordoned off area to the finish. And Karen dug deep and kicked. And sailed across the finish. 

We grabbed our medals from an adorable veteran with a huge thank you. 

And after hugs and tears, sat on the stone wall, gazing at the ocean and basking in the moment of glory. 🙂

So absolutely proud of you my friend. And can’t wait for the next one. 

As for me? I’m now 13 days from the Adirondack Marathon. Which will contain, from what I’ve heard, Godzhilla’s twin. And cousin. And nephews. 🙂  It’s all good. I’m ready. 

Happy Monday! And Happy Running!


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