Taper again? Gak!

Seriously…my least favorite part of racing is the taper.  

I try to learn to love it. But I just can’t. 

I did manage week one of it okay. I cut back on my cross training and tried to not go too crazy on my runs. 

The problem is that when I don’t cross train I run faster. Good problem to have right? Lol

See Thursday I even skipped my kettlebell session. Because I was reading you shouldn’t do lower body weights during taper. You don’t get gains during that short period of time. I had always figured it was more I didn’t want to lose any strength. But I was tired that morning anyways. 

So Friday, I ended up doing my “long” run way faster than I meant to. Most of my long runs I’ve averaged 10:15 to 10:30/ mile. 

Friday’s 10.1 mile run was a 9:35 average. Oops! Fresh legs go faster. 

My first 5 were solid comfy about 10min miles. And then, for some reason I dropped to a 9:30 and kept getting faster. And decided, let’s make the last 3.1 a race. Pulled out a 27:56 5k. Not bad considering I had a 7 mile warmup. Lol

Saturday I rested (my parents were visiting and we took them down the cape) and Sunday I went out for a 10k run. 

Of almost all negative splits. First mile was my usual “warmup” of 10:30 and then, while I ran no harder, I ran faster. Mile 2 in 10 dropping to mile 6 in 9:13. Sweet. 

Maybe it was because shortly after I hit mile 5 I saw my hubby washing the car. And I wanted to look good when I ran by him. I do know that’s why I kicked at mile 6 and went a full 6.25 – so I could fly by him at the end. πŸ™‚

And I was just humid and hot enough to be glad he had the hose on. Lol  Better than sprinklers! 

Now, we enter phase two of taper. The final 6 days. Where the runs get shorter. The resting gets longer. The phantom aches begin. And the crankies begin along with them.  

I’m not nervous. Even tho I keep reading race recaps about how freaking hilly the first half of my marathon will be. 

Because I trained hard, I trained hills, and I trained to embrace the inevitable wall that I know I will hit.

I also have a very loose and very reasonable time goal. And since it’s going to be likely colder than I’ve been training in (it IS the Adirondacks in September), I’ll be naturally faster. 

I’ve done the work and now it’s time to do the rest. To let everything rebuild. Because fresh legs go faster. 

And Sunday morning, I’m gonna need them. πŸ™‚ I’ve got a BIG lake to run around. Adirondack marathon here I come!

Happy Monday my friends. And happy running! 


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