Fall running rocks!

Well….this was recovery week. Which means I spent a couple days doing a whole lot of nothing. 

Except stretching. And taking Advil. And marveling at how sore I was. Like seriously the sorest I’ve been since after a marathon since my first one. Walking was truly hilarious. 

Wednesday I walked a 10k. On the treadmill. While watching funny animal videos. That was an interesting change of pace. (Side note – why is watching someone get surrounded by a pack of tame deer and freaking out so darn funny)

Thursday I resumed kettlebell training. Despite the universe’s attempt to stop me. Seriously – my laptop wasn’t charged (drat). So I grabbed the iPad. Got 1 1/2 minutes into my favorite YouTube kettlebell workout and the wifi went down. Ungh. Fortunately, after 2 years of doing pretty much the same set of videos I’ve learned the moves. So I brought up the clock, turned on the timer and did my own improvised routine. 🙂

Friday I got back in the saddle, laced up my launches and went out for 4.5 miles. Started slow and easy and it felt SO good to run. 

I think sometimes having a few days away from running really makes you appreciate it more. 

Saturday I got a massage.  And it hurt so good. She really got into my hips and quads and I left feeling like a new runner. 🙂

So Sunday…since it was a stellar fall morning (48 degrees – woohoo), instead of the 6 I was gonna do, I headed out on my favorite 10 mile loop – the out and back to the animal sanctuary. 

And I killed it!! I decided to not look at my watch until mile 5. When I felt like I was going fast and couldn’t resist a peek. It said 9:05. 

I was thinking cool – let’s see if I am stay here. And the next mile beeped as an 8:47 (holy crow!) as did the next. 

The problem with my realizing I’m running my fastest long run in ages is that now I need to attempt to keep it up. Lol and somehow I did. 

This, is a set of splits I’m quite excited about.   
It had to be the combination of the weather and the massage. 

But it’s convinced me to definitely run my November 1st half. I’ve been on the fence. And now I know I need to do it. Maybe I can snag that sub 2-hour half again. 

I’ve always said I’m faster in the fall. And with the year I’ve had, I can’t wait to see what I’ve got ahead of me the next couple months. 🙂

What I do have ahead is the following – Black Goose half on November 1st and the Edaville Rail Run November 14th. 

And, of course, the big one. The Goofy Challenge that starts in 96 days. 🙂  I so can’t wait!

Happy Monday my friends. And happy fall running!!


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