Epic Garmin Fail

Don’t you hate it when good technology goes bad? 

The fail is partly my fault…I knew when I headed out Sunday morning that I was gambling with my battery life. But…I didn’t think it would matter. Until it did. 

See on Sunday, running friends of mine across the country were racing across the country. Half-marathons, marathons and ultras. 

And I got jealous. 

Yes, I know, I did just run a marathon like two weeks ago. But that was two whole weeks ago! And I wanted to race now. Lol

So I figured you know what? In honor of all my friends (who by the way had amazing days – a couple even set a new PR) I decided to go 13.1 instead of 12. A tribute half!

I wasn’t exactly racing it, but I wasn’t exactly not. I was just enjoying the perfect fall weather, and the scenery, and letting my legs go how they wanted. 

I didn’t look at my pace until somewhere around 7 when I noticed I was clocking a 9:15 mile. Sweet. 

And uh-oh, low battery warning. Eh, I once got like 10 miles after a low battery warning. Not worried. 

And the next couple were right there too. Huh….maybe I AM racing. But I wasn’t pushing. Just running comfortably. 

And at mile 11, when I thought I was trying to reign myself in, I hit an 8:50. (Does anyone else have that problem? You know when you think you’re trying to slow down and you’re actually speeding up?)

And another low battery warning.

Mile 12, an 8:42. 

And yet another warning. (OMG please let me get this last mile in, because this is serious now)

 Mile 13, 8:35. 

Ran as hard as I could that last .1. 

Hit the stop. And saved the activity. And 3 seconds later – the watch gave up. 

But I got it in. And wow….

Best half-marathon since April. 

Not bad at all. 🙂

So I brought my watch inside. Gave it a couple percent of battery life so I could sync it with the app. 

And nothing. It synced, to no activity. 


But it saved! I have the screen! Where are my splits? How will I know how fast my kick was? 

Okay, well it saved the activity. I can look at the splits on my watch and figure out how to upload it later. 

No go. While every other activity on my watch I could get into, when I clicked on this one, it went back to the main screen. 

It’s gone. 😦 Epic. Garmin. Fail.  

Guess I’ll just have to run 2:00 on my November 1st half to make up for it. 

Happy Tuesday my friends. And happy running!


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