Opportunity Knocking?

So….yesterday morning I found out that my gym, the one I’ve belonged to for years, is closing. 

Next week. 

Thanks for the advanced notice people. 

I’ve stuck with that gym through company name changes, annoying music, broken equipment and various other absurdities. 

Because it was cheap. And it was close to my office. And it was where I hit my mile PR, and rehabbed from injury. And saw the Boston marathoner bomber manhunt start to unfold. And trained (and crosstrained) for my marathons. 

We’d been through a lot together. And now it’s the end of an era. 

Then this morning…I discovered that my favorite YouTube kettlebell video was “poof”, gone. Like seriously G O N E. The video that I started with two years ago. The video that led my from my first, 8lb, kettlebell to my current 25lber. It was my base level that I went back to after time off. Or as a warmup. 

And it sort of all hit me…I’ve been exercising in my comfort zone for too long. 

And growth doesn’t happen there. Growth happens when we step outside of it and try new things. 

These losses may be the start of a new opportunity. Something I didn’t know I was looking for, because I wasn’t looking. 

So for today, I did a new video. And followed it with some much needed yoga. (Wow am I tight in random places.)

And as for the gym? 

There are other (more expensive and slightly further away from my office) ones in town. And there is one 1.5 miles from my house (I’m a runner. I know the exact distance to pretty much anything in a 10 mile radius from my house.)

This is an opportunity for me to truly analyze what I use. And what I need. And more importantly, where I will want my winter-training treadmill to be. 

Because as much as I prefer running outside – winter is coming and I need to be realistic. 

So my friends – wish me luck while I discover what’s out there. 🙂 

Opportunity knocked, and I need to go answer that door. 


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