Watching the leaves dance 

Yesterday morning was one of those perfect fall mornings. 

The kind where you know you are so going to love your run. 

After having “raced” last weekend and still being a couple out from my next half I decided to do less a run and more an excursion. 

It was brisk (29 degrees in October? I’m a little worried for winter…) but sunny. So I layered up grabbed some gloves and headed out. 

And about a half mile in, did a double take when I spotted these three beauties in someone’s lawn. 

It’s funny how sometimes it takes a moment for your brain to realize what it’s seeing. We had a staring contest for a couple of minutes before a car came past and they took off. 

A while later I stopped to chat with a turkey farmer – as two of them had tried to fly the coop and only ended up as far as the roof. They they sat, squawking as his border collie freaked out.  We talked turkeys, then running, and he told me to stop again anytime. 🙂

And I continued on. Not paying a bit of attention to my watch and instead marveling in people’s Halloween decorations (some charming, some downright frightening) and the beauty of the day. 

And at mile 5 I stopped by this little pond to just admire the scenery. 

Gorgeous, right? 

And I kept going, picking only the sunny roads with the prettiest trees. 

And when the wind picked up a little, I watched the leaves dance on the breeze and flutter to the road. 

I. Love. Fall. 

All in all, I ran 14.51 miles. At a 9:54 average pace. But that’s just details. 

This was one long run that was about anything but running. 🙂

Happy Monday my friends. And happy running!


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