When only haiku will do

This week I was forced to retire my favorite running shoes. My purple ghosts.  

They had finally reached their maximum miles. And it’s a hard decision as a runner to know when to let your shoes go. 

Shoes this good cannot go quietly, tho. Proper tribute must be paid.  

But how do you write a tribute to the shoes that carried you faithfully all year. That were on your feet the day you finally broke 4:30 in the marathon. And the day you got your first 2:00 half in a couple of years. That saw you through races and countless training miles. 

Sometimes, the only thing that works, is a haiku:

covered many miles

purple is always faster

magic running shoes    

They will now spend the next couple  years in a shoebox. Marked with their accomplishments. 

Because these were magic shoes. And while I can no longer use them, I just can’t say goodbye. 🙂



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