It’s the hunger games. And the odds are definitely NOT in my favor. 

Because it’s three days until thanksgiving. And I don’t know where my stuffing is. 

Well, I sort of know. It’s being held captive by the US postal service.  Apparently completely undeliverable. 

Why did I order stuffing you ask? Because it’s not easy being celiac. Especially around a food-based holiday. Gluten free stuffing that tastes good isn’t easy to find. 

But there’s a gluten free bakery in Rhode Island that I discovered a few years ago while running a half-marathon down there. And they are good.  I tried their stuffing last year for the first time and fed it to gluten-eaters, who couldn’t tell the difference. It’s that good. 

So a couple of weeks ago I ordered it. To be shipped directly to my inlaws who are hosting. 

The bakery held the order a week because of the Veterans Day holiday, to not have the order sit in the post office an extra day. (This is being humorous to me as it has now sat in them for five days.)

But it wasn’t a problem, as there was still plenty of time. 

Until something went wrong. 

It shipped Tuesday. I tracked it Thursday, only to find out that instead of being out for delivery in upstate NY, it was oddly at the post office in the town next to me. 

Hmmm, okay, so it accidentally got shipped to me. I’ll deal with it. 

Except it never arrived. And has slowly bounced back and forth between a few locations. None of them apparently knowing what to do with it.

I’ve got the bakery trying to find out what went wrong. 

I’ve nicknamed this fiasco stuffinggate. 

I’ve tried to find the humor. And am trying to cling to that last bit of hope that those dried cubes of yumminess end up delivered somewhere before end of day Wednesday. 

But it’s not looking good. 

Time for plan B.  Guess I better come up with one. 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!  


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