Last call for miles…

Well, it’s December. 

Guess this is my last chance to hit any goals for the year. I suppose I should go see what I wrote in January. Lol

I like December. I don’t love it – it’s too cold out. But I like it. 

For the most part, people are friendlier. And the world looks so pretty all sparkly and shiny. 

There’s just something about running by a house with reindeer in the lawn and multicolored lights strewn across the shrubs that puts a smile on your face. 

This is going to be my highest mileage month of the year.  Goofy training is getting serious and I have some crazy long runs to do. So I’m glad the miles will be extra scenic. 

In fact this Sunday will be a 20-miler.  What scares me is that 20 no longer scares me. Lol

Guess I’ve finally done enough of them that it’s becoming routine.  Never easier physically, just mentally. 

Which is nice. πŸ™‚

I’ve also been lucky weather-wise this training cycle. Relatively mild. And no snow, yet. Yet. Lol

Honestly? I’ve been lucky all year. 

So, for the next 30 days I will just get in all the miles I can, safely. And end the year in style. 

As I said to my sole sister yesterday – this month is “run ALL the miles, eat ALL the Christmas cookies” πŸ™‚

So good luck to all of us this month. 

Let’s jingle, sparkle and shine! 


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