The end of an era

For so many years now that I’m not even sure how long, my husband had been working out of the Cambridge office. 

Which has meant I get chauffeured to the gym every Wednesday (and some Friday) mornings. And that means I get to do a nice scenic mid-distance run along the Charles river. 

But this week, my hunny got transferred to another town. 

River Run Wednesday are over. 😦 for now. 

I’m okay with this. It’s a shorter and easier commute for him. And he’ll be home earlier for Gus. 

And once he falls into a rhythm at work we’ll see what the train schedules are like and if I can get chauffeured part way and still get in oh, 6 miles on the river. 

And sure, I can take an early train in and maybe fit in 5 miles on a Wednesday morning. 

But it won’t be the same…

Wednesday 8-milers are now a thing of the past. 

I’ve really enjoyed them. You truly feel like part of a community when you’re out there with familiar faces (both human and canine) every week in almost any conditions. Sporting race shirts and neon and keeping each other company while dodging bikes and those darn Canadian geese. (Ack I hate those things. They are mean!)

And of course this also affects my weekly mileage totals. Lol  

Do I find a day to double down? Do I add a run day? Or do I just accept that it’s okay to log 30 instead of 33 (my average…). 

For now, I’m fine as is. It’s 25 days to Goofy and next week is peak week so the weeks are gonna be bit a bit mixed up anyways. 

I think it will truly hit me mid-January when I’m on a “new normal” schedule. 

But I’m a runner. And I’m flexible. And I adapt well. I’ll be fine. 

But River Run Wednesday? I’ll miss you. 

So let me leave you all with last Wednesday’s scenic and festive view. 

Happy Tuesday my friends. And happy running!


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