Getting Goofy…

Just 11 days to race weekend. And I am SO ready. 

My training has gone really well and I feel totally prepared. 

The last time I attempted the Goofy Challenge, I had only been cleared to resumed running 3 months before. And was not allowed to run two days in a row. And essentially was faced with going from 0 to 39.3. In 12 weeks. 

But I did my best. And I battled the winter weather and I trained as hard as I could. And though I wasn’t in my top condition – I SO loved completing the Challenge. 

This time around, training has been stellar. The weather has been amazing for training. And my runs have all been exactly what I wanted. 

The past two weekends have been “dress rehearsals”. Last weekend, peak week, was a 10 mile run on Sunday followed by a 22 mile run on Monday. 

And much to my surprise and delight, I ran every step of those 32 miles. Total confidence boost. Especially as I don’t expect to run the full marathon race weekend. 

I’m running with my brother, who is “perfectly dopey”, meaning this is his third year in a row completing the Dopey Challenge. And usually by marathon Sunday, he’s feeling the effects of the early mornings and the 22.4 miles he’s already done before he even toes the marathon start line. 

So usually by mid-marathon he’s in need of some walk breaks. And I’m totally cool with that. 

My goal has been to train hard to be his motivator during the tough miles. 

This weekend I doubled-down again, but half as far. I did 6.25 on Sunday and 13.1 Monday. I think we’re shooting for a 2:15 half finish at Disney, and since I easily pulled a 2:09 yesterday, I think we’ll be fine. 🙂

Now that the worst of the training is over, I can focus on the fun part. You know, like putting the finishing touches on my outfits, blinging out my magic band and obsessing over the weather. Lol

As cute as I looked last time, I’m going to try to outdo myself. 

My brother & sis-in-law have planned all the park details, fast passes, restaurant reservations, and other stuff. I’m grateful they love doing that so I could be just race focused. 

And I can’t wait to arrive in the happiest place on earth in just 9 short days. 

And to add some of these beauties to my collection. 

Happy Tuesday my friends, Happy New Year, and Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “Getting Goofy…

  1. The Disney runs look like such fun events. I wish I lived in the USA to participate! I wish you and your brother the very best – have a fab run and can’t wait to read all about it, post event and see the bling! xx

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